Welcome to Will.Claims, a new website from Josiah Hincks Solicitors in Leicester dedicated to claims overs Wills and Probate.

There are a wide range of types of Will Claims that can be brought including:

  • the deceased failed to make proper provision in a WIll
  • the deceased lack mental capacity to make the Will they did
  • there is an issue with the Will and estate distribution should be stopped
  • the estate is not being dealt with properly, fairly or honestly
  • the deceased was forced to make a Will they didn’t want to
  • you have been improperly excluded from a Will and want to challenge it.

There are many law firms which say they deal with Will Claims and Contested Probate, but not many of them are specialists like Josiah Hincks Will.Claims team. Find out more about us here but we are headed up by a member of the Society for Trust and Estate Planning (STEP) and our specialist contest probate litigation solicitors will guide you through the process of disputing a Will, contesting probate or defending claims against the estate.

The Will.Claims website features articles and news on all areas of Will Disputes but there is no replacement for proper legal advice tailored to your circumstances. Therefore, please give us a call now on 0116 255 181 1 and speak to our expert solicitors.